Chainsaw carving competition video highlights.

Chainsaw carving competition.  This sure does look fun, doesn’t it?

If you haven’t taking the time to enjoy a chainsaw carving competition you really should make it a priority.

This is a quick carve chainsaw carving event. Other chainsaw carving events are 3 days more.

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A Day in the Life of a Chainsaw Carver

Here is a video we came across that allows you into the life of a chainsaw carver.

What do you think? Would you enjoy doing this?

Justin Bailey Chainsaw Carving Demo from Jeremiah Rounds on Vimeo.

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Looking for Chainsaw Carving Information?

If you are into chainsaw carving you may want to check out the chainsaw carving discussion board at

You will find a lot of great information there that can help you become a better chainsaw carver.

If you ever have question about the chainsaw carving industry please don’t hesitate to contact us. Been at it 20 years and love to share and teach.

Chainsaw Carving Classes

George Teaching Chainsaw Carving

You can post your questions below. Or you can include a link to your site so we can check out your work.

Good carving!

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Chainsaw Carving Sweepstakes

Would you love to learn a new talent?

Would you enjoy a fun new hobby?

You might even make some side money. Heck, I have done this full-time for nearly 20 years.

Over those past almost 20 years I have taught hundreds of people how to chainsaw carve.

Chainsaw carving classes

If you have been meaning to do this I suggest you enter now. A sweepstakes with $500 bucks off a 3 day chainsaw carving class is something I have never offered before.


Enter to Win 2 $500 gift certificates towards the 3 day class! Bring a friend and learn how to chainsaw carve. Bring your wife. Bring your best friend. Not only do you get $500 off the standard price but so does your guest! The class begins with chainsaw safety and moves into hands-on chainsaw carving. This is the lower cost way to Rev Up Your Life with Chainsaw Carving!


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Quick Chainsaw Carving Tips

Over the 19 years we have been chainsaw carving here at the chainsaw carving school we have seen lots of people go on to enjoy a new hobby while earning some money as a chainsaw carver.

The latest chainsaw carving student who is setting out to make some side money can be seen in this ad.

Way to go Augie.

Chainsaw Carving

If you are interested in chainsaw carving as a hobby, earning a living, or just making some side money here are some tips:

  • Always be safe. Wear chaps, eye protection, and use ear plugs.
  • You don’t have to be a Michelangelo to get started at chainsaw carving. The roughness is part of the charm of chainsaw carving so don’t be such a critic that you think your carvings won’t sell. People love chainsaw art, plain and simple.
  • Practice makes perfect. The more you get out there and carve the better it will work for you. Everybody progresses at their own pace and everybody benefits from practice.
  • Use a soft wood that isn’t brittle. We use Western Red Cedar. Redwood is great too. Both of these woods hold up well to weather and are bug resistant.
  • Keep your chain sharp. You can self sharpen or take it to the local saw shop.
  • Have a variety of saws. You need a big saw in the beginning to lop away the chunks. Move to a smaller saw to do the detailing. We use Echo.
  • Once you are done carving the wood with the saw, go in with a grinder to do some additional detail work.
  • Burn the carving with a propane torch to give the fur the right color.
  • Brush with a wire brush to create a consistent feathering.
  • Oil with a linseed or other oil.

If you have questions simply post them below or call me at 360-710-5250 and I will help you.

Chainsaw Caring School


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Chainsaw Carving Like The Saw Dogs

If you like Saw Dogs on TV you will probably like George’s Chainsaw Carving School.

Chainsaw carving is a great hobby that gets you outdoors, gets the blood pumping, and produces pieces of art that can be given as gifts or sold for income.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in earning a living by being a chainsaw carver they can call George at 360-710-5250 and inquire about his chainsaw carving classes.

The classes are held each month over three days. He has had students from 18 to 80.

Watch this short video on what George is teaching and hear from Lance Rigby, one of his first students.

Chainsaw carving has truly come of age. You can learn how to chainsaw carve in just a few short days straight from George Kenny at his chainsaw carving school.


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Saw Dogs Chainsaw Carving Show

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Chainsaw Carving Video

Check out this chainsaw carving video featuring one of the best carvers, Bob King.

You can read about chainsaw carving and learn some things but if you really want to get a feel for the art form then watching a chainsaw carving video is the way to go.

As the chainsaw carving video says, Bob King is a class act. Echo is too.

If you get a chance to catch a chainsaw carving show while traveling this great country of ours, do it. It is fascinating to watch the experienced chainsaw carving artists do their thing over a day or two.


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Chainsaw Carving Lessons

If you are interesting in chainsaw carving lessons you can receive instruction in several ways.

One is to attend a chainsaw carving event and strike up a conversation with a chainsaw carver during a break. Most carvers just love to chat about what they do. The shows generally have a few to a few dozen chainsaw carvers going so you will have a lot of people to talk to.

Another option is to visit a chainsaw carver’s shop and watch him or her in action. They might be hard to talk to because they are working and earning a living but they do have to take a break from time to time. Most carvers are happy to give you some pointers and share some of the things they have learned. They might not provide you chainsaw carving lessons but they will usually offer tips.

Chainsaw Carving Lessons

Another way, perhaps the best way to learn chainsaw carving, is to take chainsaw carving lessons from a profession chainsaw carving school. There are a few in the country. Ours is in the Pacific Northwest and people come here from all around the world.

With chainsaw carving lessons at a school you will get step by step instructions straight from an experienced chainsaw carver who makes a living at chainsaw carving. Usually over 3 days you will learn what would take years of trial and error on your own. You get not only the mechanics behind chainsaw carving but also the business background on how to make money or even make a living out of chainsaw carving.

If you want more information you can call our chainsaw carving instructor, George Kenny at 360-710-5250.

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Chainsaw Carving Video

Chainsaw carving video of a chainsaw carver creating a beautiful piece over 4 days shorted to about 2 minutes.

Near the end you will recognize somebody on the stage. Check it out : )

I find it amazing that 232,000 people, according to Youtube, have seen this chainsaw carving video.

Chainsaw Carving Video

This chainsaw carving video shows what can be done by a talented carver.

It is not only great fun and great exercise but you get chainsaw carvings you can sell or keep. Chainsaw carvings also make great gifts for family and friends.

Chainsaw carving video classes.

If you are interested in learning more about chainsaw carving we will be shooting some chainsaw carving training videos soon.

Subscribe on the right to get an update once the chainsaw carving video comes out.

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