Chainsaw Carving Like The Saw Dogs

If you like Saw Dogs on TV you will probably like George’s Chainsaw Carving School.

Chainsaw carving is a great hobby that gets you outdoors, gets the blood pumping, and produces pieces of art that can be given as gifts or sold for income.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in earning a living by being a chainsaw carver they can call George at 360-710-5250 and inquire about his chainsaw carving classes.

The classes are held each month over three days. He has had students from 18 to 80.

Watch this short video on what George is teaching and hear from Lance Rigby, one of his first students.

Chainsaw carving has truly come of age. You can learn how to chainsaw carve in just a few short days straight from George Kenny at his chainsaw carving school.


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