Chainsaw Carving Auctions

Auction for Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw Carving Auction at the Taste of Hood Canal

If you are a chainsaw carver, or you love to buy chainsaw carvings, you should check out chainsaw carving auctions.

For the carvers, you will get quick cash flow from the carvings that you have auctioned off. If you have a piece that just doesn’t sell for whatever reason, throw it out there and let the contest begin. You will be amazed at how a piece that wouldn’t sell before suddenly has a frenzy of buying activity. You might not get full price but it is better than letting the piece sit the whole season.

For buyers, you can almost always get a great deal. It is a ton of fun and you get the best possible deal. You will find chainsaw carving auctions at most of the major contest.


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