Chainsaw Carving Lessons

If you are interesting in chainsaw carving lessons you can receive instruction in several ways.

One is to attend a chainsaw carving event and strike up a conversation with a chainsaw carver during a break. Most carvers just love to chat about what they do. The shows generally have a few to a few dozen chainsaw carvers going so you will have a lot of people to talk to.

Another option is to visit a chainsaw carver’s shop and watch him or her in action. They might be hard to talk to because they are working and earning a living but they do have to take a break from time to time. Most carvers are happy to give you some pointers and share some of the things they have learned. They might not provide you chainsaw carving lessons but they will usually offer tips.

Chainsaw Carving Lessons

Another way, perhaps the best way to learn chainsaw carving, is to take chainsaw carving lessons from a profession chainsaw carving school. There are a few in the country. Ours is in the Pacific Northwest and people come here from all around the world.

With chainsaw carving lessons at a school you will get step by step instructions straight from an experienced chainsaw carver who makes a living at chainsaw carving. Usually over 3 days you will learn what would take years of trial and error on your own. You get not only the mechanics behind chainsaw carving but also the business background on how to make money or even make a living out of chainsaw carving.

If you want more information you can call our chainsaw carving instructor, George Kenny at 360-710-5250.

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